Monday, July 20, 2015

Roof repairs signals

Roof repairs signals
Have you experienced…
  •     Water spots on the walls or ceiling inside your home?
  •     Damp or rotted areas on the underside of your roof?
  •     Shingles that are missing or not lying flat?
  •     Dark colored algae indicating a loss of shingle granules?
  •     Other homes in your subdivision getting new roofs?
  •     Notices about defective shingles?
  •     Pooling Water
  •     Punctures
  •     Roof Leaks
  •     Moisture in Attic
  •     Hail Damage
  •     Storm Damage
These are common problems that we see when repairing roofs in Southern Oregon. Leaving these problems unattended can cause leaking, moisture build up, mold and mildew in your home. These are major health and safety hazards that could be prevented with repairs.

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These warning signs may indicate further hidden leaks and damage that could impact the integrity of your home. Our weather systems and humidity can push even the strongest roof to vulnerability. A roof needing a repair is dangerous.
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