Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Durable roofing for manufactured homes and mobile homes

Durable roofing for manufactured homes and mobile homes
Skye Roofing, LLC  specializes in the roofing for manufactured homes and mobile homes. These types of homes have very different roofing requirements from traditional residential roofing projects. 
Most manufactured and mobile homes are not built to tolerate a lot of weight on the roof area of the home. In addition, there is usually not a lot of air space between the inside ceiling and the actual roof, which causes insulation and condensation issues. 

Additionally, these types of homes have little to no pitch or slope, which excludes other roofing materials as optimum solutions for leaking and long-term solutions. Traditionally, metal is not a good solution because of the zero to low slope roof on a manufactured or mobile home, and shingles tend to blow off these roofs for the same reason. 

Skye Roofing provides these structures with a proven process that insures a long lasting quality roof. Send us an email to schedule a free estimate - click here.

We are among the best r#roofingcontractor in the Rogue Valley area. From roof repairs, to roof replacement you can be assured that Skye Roofing will provide the highest standard of roofing solution available.

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