Friday, September 18, 2015

Why Choose Skye Roofing?

Why Choose Skye Roofing?
Why Choose Skye Roofing?

QUALITY:  Skye Roofing understands that each project is unique.  Our team aims to supply customers with what they want, using the specifications required with a high degree of reliability and trust at a price that suits their needs.

CUSTOMER CARE:  Skye Roofing is proud of our customer satisfaction rating, from the initial inquiry to the job completion.  Our efficient and friendly staff are available to do whatever it takes to insure your satisfaction.  We won't rest until this is accomplished. 

LICENSED AND INSURED:  Skye Roofing has obtained all the required insurance and licenses necessary to insure compliance.

You need a company who is willing and able to follow the laws and regulation that have been set forth to protect YOU, the customer.  Our proposals and contracts contain our insurance and license documents for your review.

PROFESSIONALISM:  Skye Roofing ensures that our work is undertaken with a full consideration of our responsibilities regarding health and safety.  All health and safety requirements are met through our extensive safety training program, which is qualified through our insurance provider.

KNOWLEDGE:  Skye Roofing will guide you through all varieties of the products offered and remain educated regarding the many codes and restrictions in our area.

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